Monday, June 2, 2014

How my mom beat Diabetes.

It was a nightmare!! 

This is How my mom beat diabetes, and you can too!!

As my mother and I received the diagnosis from her doctor after a sugar test at the hospital lab. 

We got the diagnosis. Diabetes. We already kinda knew what the doctor was going to say. Her symptoms were classic ones.
     What we didn't know was how difficult living with it was going to be. The special diet ( what an amazing pain that was). The constant testing, and pricking of the fingers, test strips(which were thankfully delivered right to our door by medicaid) so on, and so on. Shortly after her diagnosis she began to have dementia. Getting her to follow her daily regiment was very difficult on her bad days.

 There HAD to be a better way.

My wife, and I couldn't be there constantly, and she wasn't so bad that she needed to be in a home, or have a home nurse (god knows my mother would have NONE of that). So, I began researching other ways of dealing with this nightmare. I looked at all the technological breakthroughs, home remedies, even a special clock that would remind her what to do, and when to do it.


      Really? I thought. (honestly, at first I thought it was a "bunch of malarkey"). I checked on some reviews, and there was some claim to it.

Was it possible, This would solve so many problems for me, and my family. So, I did

MORE RESEARCH!!! and I found all this scientific documentation!!! WOW..IT IS REVERSIBLE!! Did you know that? I didn't till I researched it.

So, I got it for her. We implemented the program, and YES...She is currently free of diabetes (Absolutely true!!! NO "BS"!). We couldn't believe it. Why, oh why have MORE people not obtained this program.
Now, mind you she wasn't diabetes free overnight..It took some time, and some work, but IT DID WORK!!
     So, if you are seriously interested in beating Diabetes. Click here, and check it out. They have a money back guarantee. So the only thing you have to lose is your diabetes! Give it a shot you'll be SOOOO happy you did just like we are!

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